The Uterine Apocalypse

One day a woman told her friend, “When I menstruate, the clots are hexagonal!”  Her friend had noticed the same phenomenon, but had kept an ashamed silence.  So the women went public with their menstrual mystery.  Thousands of menstruators reported six-sided clots of blood, and their vaginal mucus had six stringy points.  Women’s cramps came in a pattern of six waves.

Then women, world-wide, started to give birth to babies with unusual genitals – in six different forms.

Numerous hypotheses were proposed to explain why this happened.  Oncologists thought the new genitals were cancerous growths.  Natural-foods proponents blamed the use of (six-legged) insects to genetically modify agricultural crops.  Mycologists were convinced that Devil’s Finger Fungus was used in a bio-terrorist attack.  A lot of people blamed chemtrails.

Mass hysteria ensued.  Women and men no longer felt their traditional pride in birthing a baby boy or girl.  They did not know how to raise each child:  as a pretty little princess, or a rambunctious Rambo?  Some angry parents and grand-parents formed roving bands of militia, attacking the offices of gynecologists.  Media pundits dubbed this historical period the Uterine Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, an alliance of midwives and doulas studied the first generation of hexa-sexual babies, systematically documenting the physiological characteristics most commonly associated with each kind of genitalia.  Sympathetic lab technicians analyzed the children’s chromosomes and hormones, to describe six new sexes.  By the time the children reached puberty, a HexaSexual Institute was formed to study how they could reproduce.

And so, the first post-Apocalypse generation birthed their own babies with the six new sexes.  Six new genders evolved.  Over the next hundred years, men and women reached the end of their lifespans, and the gender binary died with them.  Society became HexaSexual.

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