The word “circarine” is derived from the Late Latin verb circare, meaning “to go around”, which is the root of “search”.  This suits the circarine gender‘s skill at research and analysis.

Use the pronouns cie, cir, cir, cirs, ciself for circarine hexapeople, for example:  Cie is a researcher; let cir check the facts.  The report is cirs.  Cir analysis sometimes undermines ciself.

Camille Desautels, a circarine hexaperson, is a Professor of Gender Studies at the HexaSexual Institute.  On, you can discuss cir research interests.  Dr. Desautels is developing a framework for understanding the complexity of gender and sex, both before and after the Uterine Apocalypse.

Cir interest in sex and gender is not merely academic.  Camille was born with suanovine genitalia.  Cir parents believed that gender is a social construction, and chose not to assign Camille any particular gender.  As cie grew up, Camille experimented with various genders, and found ciself more and more comfortable identifying as a circarine-gendered person.  Camille enjoys having suanovine physical characteristics, but wishes cie did not have to explain this combination so often.

Camille’s one spouse is of the signumine gender.  It is also common for circarines to be attracted to fideline hexapeople.

Circarine hexapeople often wear detailed patterns in light colours.  This rose quartz jewellery is designed to complement their style:


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