Fronsinine hexapeople take leadership roles in society. They get out front, as reflected in the Latin root, frons, of the gender‘s name.

Use the pronouns frey, fron, frons, frons, and fronself to refer to a fronsinine hexaperson, as in these examples:  Frey is good at teaching.  We admire fron, and frey is proud of fronself.  Frons innate skill means that the job is frons for the asking.

Aspen Coyne, a fronsinine hexaperson, is in the now-unusual position of being comfortable with both frons sex and gender as assigned at birth.  Aspen does not have as much body hair as most fronsinine hexapeople, so frey often uses an eyebrow pencil to draw curly dark lines on fronself.

Aspen is the President of the Hexasexual Council, the government body that emerged after the Uterine Apocalypse.  Ex-officio, Coyne is co-chair of the Six-Spirited Alliance with aboriginal peoples.  Frons pre-Apocalyptic positions included Executive Director of the Triangle Institute, and Adjunct Professor of Political Science.  You can follow Aspen Coyne on Twitter @hexasexual.

When fronsinine hexapeople have time for a relationship, it is usually with someone of the manutine or fideline gender.  Aspen however usually dates circarine hexapeople, many of whom frey has met in academic or policy-analysis roles.

The fronsinine style is fashion-forward, with cool colours and crystals.  This is a sampling of fronsinine jewellery:


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