Six New Genders

At birth, hexapeople are assigned a gender, named after the six common sexes.

Hexasexual culture quickly evolved six new clusters of social roles associated with each body type.  Linguistihex provided a full suite of new pronouns.  The six new genders have spurred great creativity in the fashion industry; you can buy six new styles of HexaSexual jewellery.

However, due to the post-Apocalyptic lack of science funding, there are no statistihex showing whether a hexaperson’s genitalia are a good predictor of their personality traits.  Similarly, governments have spent their resources on more urgent matters than registering a newborn’s sex or gender.

Many hexapeople are adopting different genders than they were assigned at birth.  Some parents are waiting until their child identifies their own gender, either from the standard set of six or their own unique gender.  Some hexapeople identify as a combination of multiple genders, while others have no gender at all!

Click the following links to meet a hexaperson of each gender:


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