Hexapeople of the suanovine gender tend to be innovative and persuasive risk-takers.  Thus the word “suanovine” is derived from the Latin suas, meaning to advise, and novus, meaning new.

Use the pronouns suay, suam, suere, suams, and suamself for suanovine hexapeople, for example:  Suay can sell you suere scheme, before suay has convinced suamself.  That company is suams. Don’t take suam too seriously.

Yonah Borenstein was assigned the suanovine sex and gender at birth, but suay is gender-fluid according to suere OKCupid dating profile.   Yonah is particularly interested in dating manutine and signumine hexa-people, but sadly this is one of the many preferences not denoted on dating websites.  Thus, Yonah is trying to get start-up funding for an online dating technology that would not rely on tick-boxes in a database to help hexa-people find their matches.

Yonah has not yet decided whether suay will keep using suanovine pronouns, but it would be difficult to change suere suanovine physiology.  When suay is not experimenting with other gender expressions, Yonah wears the bright colours typical of suanovine hexapeople.  This blue jade jewellery is a bold suanovine accessory:


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