From the Latin fides, meaning “faith”, we take the name of the fideline gender.  Fideline hexapeople are soft-spoken, cautious and vigilant.

Fideline pronouns are fie, fir, fir, firs, and firself.  For example: Fie is dedicated to keeping fir faith.  Give fir time to check the instructions firself.  The hard-hat is firs.

Robin Brown, a fideline hexaperson, is an industrial safety inspector. Fie is a little bit obsessed with fences and other security installations.

Robin was born with fideline genitalia, and was thus assigned the fideline sex and gender.  As fie grew up, fie felt fir genitalia were “wrong”, and Robin wishes they could be changed to the fronsinine shape, but no suitable surgery is yet available.  Robin has sensitive cheeks and chin, like fronsinine hexapeople, rather than the fideline’s erogenous armpits.  However, Robin is completely comfortable identifying as the fideline gender, as exemplified by fir pronouns and profession.

Robin is planning fir upcoming wedding to two hexapeople, one fronsinine and one circarine.  You can follow Robin’s boards on Pinterest for hexagonal fencing, wedding cakes and more!

Like most fideline hexapeople, Robin wears simply tailored clothes in solid colours.  Fideline-style clothing is designed for ectomorphs, so Robin has to order a custom wedding outfit for fir larger body.  However, Robin enjoys the warm colours of stone jewellery like these pieces:




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