Any two hexapeople, regardless of sex, can mate and have a child. Each of the six common types of genitalia has at least one “emitter”, a bump with six openings that secrete geminunda (reproductive fluid, from the Latin).  Genitalia also have a variety of tendrils that can absorb geminunda from a partner. The absorbing partner gets pregnant.

Hexapeople must reproduce intentionally: the emitting partner must flex a muscle in their genital region to yield enough geminunda. This muscular action is typically learned in adolescence, but hexapeople with certain medical conditions are not able to emit geminunda.

Hexapeople must also consent to reproduce: within hours of having intercourse, the absorbing partner must drink a broth made from a root vegetable specific to their sex.  It has become traditional for the emitting partner to give their lover a gift-wrapped root, as an invitation to make a baby together.  In a hexamorous relationship, additional partners may be involved in reproduction by preparing the broth, or by helping the emitting partner to flex the geminunda muscle, or by raising the child.

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