Hexapeople of the manutine gender tend to be calming, nurturing maintainers.  The word “manutine” is derived from the Latin manu tenere, meaning “hold in the hand”, to refer to their ability to nurture.   Use pronouns starting with “te” for manutine hexapeople, for example:  Tey will be calm when you ask tem for help. Tey takes care of ter family before temself.  The responsibility is tems.

Manutine hexapeople tend to fall deeply in love with suanovine hexapeople while also lusting after fronsinine hexapeople. A hexaperson named River MacInnes is part of a hexamourous family of six adults, who are sexually connected in a variety of dyads and triads, along with an ever-growing household of children.

As a full-time parent, River likes to post to Instagram in spare moments when the children leave tem alone.  Tey play (a bit too much) with apps and filters to create photo art.  Online, River “likes” hexagonal quilts and such, and especially likes to make Insta-friends from around the world.

River was born with intersex genitalia, combining some features of manutine and fideline bodies.  Ter parents raised them in both of those genders, but River now considers temself of the manutine gender.  Tey works out a lot to build muscle on ter ectomorphic body, wishing to look less like a fideline hexaperson.

Manutine hexapeople usually wear dark clothes in warm colours and softer fabrics.  Here is a sampling of the jade and copper jewellery for manutine styles:


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