Hexapeople of the signumine gender are creators, designers and builders.  The significant “mark” they make on the post-Apocalyptic world is the Latin origin, signum, of the word “signumine”.

Use “sig” pronouns for signumine hexapeople, for example:  Sig is very creative and practical.  Sig built sigs house sigself, and the design is sigs.  Hire sig to make something for you.

Dakota Cardinal is a hexaperson born with signumine genitalia, which suit sig fine.  As has become traditional for signumine-assigned children, Dakota’s parents gave sig numerous piercings at an early age.  But Dakota has rejected the social system of gender, and has let sigs piercings heal over.  Nevertheless, sig is still proud of sigs tattoos.

Sigs profession makes a mark:  Dakota favours hexagons when sig designs bathroom, kitchen and other tiled walls.  Sig uses sigs Tumblr to reblog cool hexagonal designs, especially of tiles and tattoos.

When a signumine hexaperson gets a tattoo of their partner’s name, it’s probably a lover of the suanovine or circarine gender.

Signumine hexapeople usually wear utilitarian clothes, owing to their professions.  When decoration won’t get in the way of handiwork, they favour metal and hematite jewellery that alludes to their piercings.  This is a sampling of signumine styles:




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